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Meet Mark Green MSc CEng MIMechE

At IDEAS Engineering Consultancy Limited, my passion for engineering finds its perfect outlet. Throughout the entire project lifecycle, I ensure that each phase receives the full benefit of my engineering expertise. My commitment encompasses developing a comprehensive 3D model, creating accurate drawings, optimizing processes, and delivering a flawless end product.

Having established IDEAS Engineering Consultancy Limited in July 2021, I set out with a clear vision: to assist individuals with innovative concepts in bringing their ideas to life through the application of sound engineering principles. My goal is to provide hands-on engineering experience to those who possess creative ideas and help them navigate the journey from concept to reality.

I also recognize that established engineering companies face challenges, whether it's a matter of resources or finding sustainable solutions to meet customer demands. At IDEAS, I take pride in offering resourceful strategies that address these challenges head-on, elevating operational efficiency and success. My unwavering dedication to engineering innovation positions me as a reliable partner, dedicated to translating ingenious concepts into tangible achievements.

Director Mark Green
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