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Engineering Courses

IDEAS Engineering Consultancy offers three essential engineering courses to enhance professionals' skills: "Design for Manufacture and Assembly" for efficient product design, "Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing" for precision in dimensions, and "Position in the ASME Standard" for mastering ASME standards and true position concepts. These courses are tailored to advance careers in engineering design, manufacturing, and quality control.


This course delves into the foundational strategies employed to optimize the cost efficiency of assembling component parts. It encompasses two distinct domains: Design for Assembly (DFA) and Design for Manufacture (DFM), encompassing an analysis of DFMA for both new and existing assemblies. Participants will gain insights into established guidelines governing Design for Assembly and explore the overarching objectives of Design for Manufacture. Additionally, the course will explore the integration of DFMA principles within your company's operations and strategies.

Course Timeline

This four-day course includes practical examples and daily breakout sessions for group discussions, fostering diverse perspectives among professionals from various engineering backgrounds. These sessions encourage collaborative brainstorming, enhancing team building through active engagement. Participants are encouraged to bring assemblies for analysis, further enriching the learning experience.

Who Should Attend?

This course caters to a wide spectrum of professionals, including machinists, design and stress engineers, project managers, shop floor inspectors, quality experts, apprentices, and managers. It offers a valuable learning opportunity for individuals with diverse roles in the engineering and manufacturing sectors.


Course Price

The course is competitively priced at £500.00 plus VAT per person for the four-day onsite program, which accommodates a maximum of 12 participants. We also encourage inquiries about preferential rates for groups consisting of four or more individuals. Please feel free to reach out to us to explore these advantageous group pricing options and discuss how we can tailor our offerings to best suit your needs.


This course emphasizes the practical application of ASME Y14.5-2018, the industry-standard for Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T). Participants will gain hands-on experience and a solid understanding of how to effectively utilize GD&T principles in engineering and manufacturing, ensuring precision and quality in their work.

Course Contents

Included in this comprehensive course is:

  • Datum System: Understanding its role in relating the part to theoretical planes, lines, or points.

  • Datum Feature Symbols: Definition and practical application.

  • Referencing Datums in a Feature Control Frame: Sequence and consequences within the frame.

  • Degrees of Freedom: Explaining X, Y, Z, u, v, and w components.

  • Datums: Practical applications and significance.

  • Form: Definition and versatile applications across shapes and features.

  • Orientation: How it interacts with Datums and Surfaces.

  • Position (True Position): Introduction to MMC and LMC concepts.

  • Runout: Differences between Circular Runout and Total Runout.

  • Profile Tolerance: Practical applications and usage.

  • Flatness: Assessment of flatness in a feature.


Course Timeline

This two-day course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive learning experience. It includes detailed worked examples, culminating in a rigorous end-of-course exam. Following the exam, dedicated time is allocated for post-exam discussions. These discussions are invaluable as they offer participants the opportunity to clarify doubts, engage in meaningful conversations with instructors and peers, and gain further insights into the course material.

Course Price

Our course is competitively priced at £300.00 plus VAT per person for the two-day onsite program, accommodating a maximum of 12 participants. If you have a group of four or more individuals interested in attending, please feel free to reach out to us, and we'd be delighted to explore preferential rates tailored to your group's needs. Your satisfaction and cost-effectiveness are our priorities, and we're here to assist you in making the most of your learning experience.


Our course covers the ASME Standard's Position (True Position) concept, as well as Maximum Material Condition (MMC) and Less Material Condition (LMC). Gain a comprehensive understanding of these principles to excel in engineering.

Course Contents

Our professional course covers the essential concept of positional control within the framework of Maximum Material Condition (MMC) and True Position. We'll explore how this approach ensures simultaneous regulation of location, orientation, and size for features. You'll also learn how MMC True Position is instrumental in creating functional Interchangeability Control (ICY) gauges for rapid compliance assessment.

Additionally, our course highlights that MMC True Position not only establishes positional requirements but also sets minimum hole size criteria to maintain functional control. As a part approaches MMC, tighter constraints necessitate closer positional adherence. However, slight hole size variations within tolerance can still permit proper functionality.

Conversely, when employing LMC, the focus is on limiting the least material situation. Join our course to master these crucial principles in geometric dimensioning and tolerancing.

Course Timeline

Our one-day course combines worked examples and a final exam to provide a comprehensive learning experience. After the exam, we encourage discussion to enhance your understanding and the course content.

Course Price

The cost is £200.00 plus VAT per person for our one-day onsite course for up to 12 participants. Contact us for group rates for four or more attendees.


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